How We Work With You

We understand that every person’s circumstances are different when it comes to pensions (including QROPS), savings and relocating to another country. At bdhSterling, it’s our goal to fully understand where you are now and where you want to be financially when it comes to your retirement.

This begins with a thorough research process, during which we will review your finances, investments and pensions. We can then provide guidance on the best course of action to benefit you and your family in the long term.

Our work doesn’t end once you’ve moved, however. We are always on-hand to advise you on a wide range of investment and pension strategies as well as tax matters. In addition, we can ensure that you understand your liabilities and any legal responsibilities for the country you reside in.

Specialising in overseas pension transfers and global QROPS, we will ensure you have a smooth transition, protecting your income and maximising any pension benefits. With our expert advice you will be able to concentrate on planning your move and enjoy life, knowing your financial future is more secure.

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