Our Values

We know that every client is different. You may have a property portfolio, need advice on multi-currency investing or want to ensure you can securely transfer your UK retirement funds to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). Whatever your personal circumstance, each member of the bdhSterling team shares the following six values.


Perhaps you are moving your entire family across the world. Or maybe you have decided to retire abroad and want to protect your life savings. Whatever stage you may be in life and regardless of how much money you have invested, we know that understanding your personal circumstance and expressing empathy is what matters to you.


We have built a successful and ethical firm by operating with integrity. Whether we are dealing with clients or colleagues, we are recognised and respected as an industry leader and experts in our field.

Superior service

Ensuring our clients are given the very best advice in a professional, efficient and timely way is paramount for bdhSterling.

Encouraging initiative

Every client is different and your personal financial situation could be complex. You may benefit from investing money in a particular city or by transferring your pension into a recognised overseas pension scheme. Whatever action you need to take to achieve your goals in life, our advisers look at each case individually and take the initiative that will help you live with financial independence.


We believe it’s important to continually develop new ideas, products and processes that help our clients achieve their financial goals. Staff members are encouraged to search for areas where improvements can be made and we’ve created a culture where all suggestions are welcomed.


Without any exceptions, bdhSterling advisers and other staff members always act with professionalism when dealing with clients, industry contacts and colleagues.

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