Multi-Currency Investments

Expert advice on investing your savings or pension in other countries can help you maximise the return you receive at retirement. bdhSterling experts have the experience to manage your investment portfolios in a range of currencies, including GBP, AUD, NZD and USD, and our qualified advisers help you manage any risks and returns.

We often advise clients to hold retirement savings or overseas investment funds in the currency you plan to use in the future, such as AUS Dollars for example. Put simply, the currency of the country in which you hope to spend your retirement. This can mean there is less risk when it comes to planning and protecting your wealth.

It is also important to bear in mind, however, that the process is not always straightforward. As an example, someone who has moved from the UK won’t be able to transfer their pension fund to Australia until they reach age 55. Instead, we would manage assets in the UK or in an alternative region in the currency that is most suitable.

Retirement planning and effective investing in Australia

Taking a proactive approach to managing your pension or investments can add a significant amount to the value of your savings. In addition, recruiting the services of an adviser such as bdhSterling can ensure the process is less stressful and your investments are more secure.

By selecting appropriate, high-performing funds, you can expect superb returns. And in addition, a mixture of options or methods will deliver a portfolio with greater potential and less risk. Each model we recommend to clients holds a range of investment funds, selected using an in-depth quantitative and qualitative research methodology. In addition, bdhSterling model portfolios and investment solutions are backed by the UK’s largest investment rating and fund research team, FE Limited.

To discuss multi-currency investments and planning for your retirement in Australia with one of the expert advisers at bdhSterling, contact us at