When it comes to managing and protecting your finances and future wealth, the right insurance policy is essential. An awareness of what could go wrong and preparing for different eventualities could save you or your family a lot of money and stress in years to come. So at bdhSterling we offer expert, impartial advice on insurance policies such as life cover, insurance, income protection and critical illness.

Trusted advice when you need life cover, insurance and more

We act as impartial advisers and are not committed to specific insurance providers or products. For you, this means any advice we give is in your best interests and always unbiased.

As well as helping you select the policies that are right for you, we have a team of accountants to advise you of the most appropriate place to hold your insurance policy. This can be within a company or SMSF, for example. This can help to reduce the cost of having an insurance policy, but it is important to understand the implication of holding any policies inside such a structure

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